mushrooms and bamboos

Oh Yes, mushrooms.

I've been eating a lot of those too.
I've also been eating a lot of bamboo shoots.
'Tis a rainy season!

Hoo mok het (mushroom steamed in bamboo leaves with condiments) and neem het (mushroom sausage... sticky rice is mixed in and cooked in banana leaves as well):
I brought muu deang (red pork) from the city.
I try to bring one protein dish when I drive out to the farm.

Kaeng het (mushroom soup) and lots of lots of steamed bamboo shoots (and of course, lots of lots of sticky rice):

Yam het, young banana bud salad with canned mackerel in tomato sauce (another protein food I tend to bring from the city), chargrilled peegaa (very funky giant pod that grows on trees) and home-made banana chips:

This is the peegaa tree:
Very funky.
I don't know yet what it is exactly, probably one of the Inga species...

Other than the protein stuff I brought, they are all from the woods and around the house (oh, and except cooking oil and condiments such as salt, nampla and gapi).

Once you start eating really local, pretty soon you'd realize you keep eating the same thing again and again and again, like we eat mushrooms and mushrooms and bamboos and mushrooms and bamboos and mushrooms during the rainy season.

Why not? It kind of makes it simple. Not much of "what to eat today" dilemma one tends to get in the city with too many choices.


    lovely post. I've been eating kaeng hed in the city a lot though too, although not as often as you by the sounds of it


    keang het is nice, especially when made slightly spicy. I am still not tired of it ;-) I imagine I am taking so much fiber with mushrooms and bamboos and hope one day they will thin me.


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