Australian Wagu Tenderloin 9+ Marbling



As great as it is to work with kick ass quality products like this beef, it also comes with the stress factor of dealing with it.


That's why we have Chalong, look at that concentration. (he knows that he is going to get to eat one of these big bad boys later on if he can get the portioning right)


Each of these babies costs around $25 USD or when we sell it to you, around $80 USD.


That's a 1kg of wastage (sinew and small amounts of fat) or $145 USD of sausage filler.

Thanks to meat glue the tournedos and any other large trimmings have been turned into substantial steaks for our dinner on Monday.


    Props to Chalong (and the rest of the crew, and Activa) for so little wastage.

    I think that the most stressful thing that I've ever cooked were 4 dry-aged porterhouse steaks that a friend's parents had carried with them into Cambodia from New York. That feeling that if I fucked it up, it would be the same cost of all the meat that I'd eaten in Cambodia in a year, gone in a few minutes. That feeling still hasn't left me, even though I did a good job.


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