Maori Chief

If you head down to the Auckland Fish Markets the freshest seafood you will find is not inside the fish markets (Hock was appalled by the seafood freshness. Most of the fish had smelly near black gills), but right next door is an Asian seafood wholesaler/ restaurant replete with live tanks of snow crab, surf clams and other asian seafood favourites. You can buy them live or get them cooked on the premises. It is however not cheap, one surf clam is charged at 8 dollars a piece and with the NZ dollar at 0.82 to the USD they were too rich for our blood.

They have an interesting selection of fish there too...including "Maori Chief" which I have never seen before.

Hock ate there once before with my father, and said that although the seafood is good the cooking techniques are much the same and all the dishes tastes similar. Our recommendation, buy live and cook at home



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