Tastiest Little Indian In Town

My local Indian take away joint when I lived back in Auckland just happened to be the best Indian food in town....

Whenever I go back home I always end up getting take-aways or dining at the restaurant.


best indian

Although the fish in the goan fish curry was a bit rubbery, it's still in my books the best Indian food in Auckland. Its so good in fact that its a wonder that they ever have to engage in marketing and promotions. This being Auckland however, it seems to be a must to drawn in the punters mid-winter who would otherwise drive directly home after work and stay locked up inside their suburban houses eating ready to eat microwave meals in front of the flickering tv lights until the dawn of another dreary morning. One of the more memorable promotions that certainly brightened my days a few years back had a picture of the diminutive Indian male owner holding a tray of food and dressed in a chef's jacket and nothing else below the waist except for suspenders, stockings and high heels. The caption below read "the tastiest little indian in town". Indeed! I wish I could find a copy of the promotion on the internet but alas, since then they've opted for more traditional images of Indian hospitality on their website...and there is not one small cross-dressing Indian chef to be found!

Oh Calcutta
Parnell Rise


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