March New Zealand Food Blogging Month

March marks the month where some of the Gut Feelings team members, including Kinakojam, Hock, Maytel and "the Hoff" will officially all be in New Zealand!!!

Hoff and Kinakojam are already kicking it in Welliwood, if I'm not mistaken, although they've been very quiet of late

Anyhoo, Hock and I arrive in Auckland on the 7th for some much deserved R&R, although I will be travelling with the books

What I am looking forward to most is hanging at my sister's house in the Waitakere ranges and having meals that look like this on her balcony nestled amongst the beautiful native bush.....ahhh sigh....the very thought of it relaxes me


and if the weather isn't too chully then heading down to the beach to go and pipi and cockle picking in the shallow waters (and be stared at by white locals who think we're veracious mainland Chinese coming to strip their beaches)


good smoked fish
maybe a ponsonby pie
The French Cafe - dego menu
tamarillos and or feijoas
montheith's beer, emerson's beer, mac's beer
bluff oysters (season's just started)
Empress Garden Peking Duck meal
A good roast
Some great sushi and yakitori

and of course good wine and lovely company


    I look forward to it - on the NZ beer front, I've heard that Emerson's is doing a spiced ale which could be interesting to chase down. Their IPA is still one of my favorite beers.


    Empress Garden Peking Duck meal is just awesome - i could easily just do a whole duck as a first course


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