Kens yakitori

Ken Yakitori Bar - or just Ken's - is an old favourite and must eat in whilst back in Auckland and brings back fond memories of my early twenties when Hock and I first started dating. He lived down the road on Karangahape Rd, or K Rd for the linguistically challenged and this is where we used to come on dinner dates. We would eat charcoal grilled meat on sticks, especially the beef tongue, chicken meatballs, and chicken thigh with miso plum sauce, and he would ply me with truth serum. We would chat for ages, sitting at their dimly lit bar, nibbling on smoky treats and raw cabbage and then walk back to his place where I would generally pass out far too early from all the sake. Although raw cabbage and early nights may not sound sexy to you, it seemed to work for us.


Although the menu has changed a little, it still has all the old favourites which tasted as good, if not better than I remember them.

Chicken Mince Ball
Chicken mince balls

Tuna and Natto (a new menu addition)
Tuna, nattō

Beef Sirloin
Beef sirloin, daikon


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