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Samak has been disqualified from the his position as Prime Minister of Thailand due to his involvement in a cooking show.

It all began this morning with a bowl of pork soup

6.00 am Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej visits a fresh market in Udon Thani province before chairing a mobile cabinet meeting in Muang district. He appears in good mood while shopping in a fresh market.

The prime minister has his breakfast at a pork soup shop at 6 am and visits the Udon Thani Municipality Market. He is smiling while shopping.

He smiles back at a reporter without saying anything when asked whether he would accept the ruling of the Constitution Court in a disqualification case against him in the afternoon.


By 4.30 pm Samak is disqualified.

Why was Samak disqualified?

The Constitution Court on Tuesday reached an unanimous decision of 9-0 to disqualify Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej on grounds for conflict of interest relating to his involvement in two cooking shows.

The high court ruled that Samak lost his job by an individual offence, hence although his Cabinet would face a mandatory removal, it could act as the caretaker administration pending the formation of a new government.

Of the nine presiding judges, six said Samak's involvement as honourary show host has constituted a status as an employee of programme producer, Face Media Co.

Three said his involvement could be interpreted as a business partner.

The nine judges cited the intent of Article 267 of the 2007 Constitution for preempting Cabinet members, including the prime minister, from committing a conflict of interest.

Under the provision, the legal definition of being employed or the status of employee is broader than that specified in the Civil Code and relevant labour laws.

Evidence showed that Samak continued to host the two shows after he assumed office in February. Furthermore he received allowances, such as petrol expenses which could be contrued as income earnings. And he got involved with the show which is a business transaction designed to seek profits.


Thailand and especially the PAD should now brace itself for international ridicule

At least now I can get back to work and stop arguing with my father

Hopefully and end to the silliness?


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