Frozen freezer

After I have been gone to my mountain hood for another few days... I saw big ice sticking out from the internal freezer.

It took me a while to realize what kind of catastrophe my fridge was having. Well, it came with the room and I didn't buy it, so it's actually not my fridge but it is the fridge I am renting with a room, to be precise.

The picture below was actually taken after having gone through a couple of hours defrosting it... the ice got so big that initially I couldn't even move the inner door or the defrosting tray underneath.

For some reason this picture reminds me of Winnie-the-Pooh that got stuck when he was trying to fetch honey.

After a few hours of defrosting I was able to remove just the tip of the iceberg and the door could be opened.

I threw in the French butter, Belgian chocolates, and the Dutch stroopwaffels I brought back from Europe (except butter) in the wee bit of space in the giant ice so they don't spoil during the defrosting process, which literally took twelve hours. Hello, do I really live in the tropical climate?

The fridge is not even those questionable unknown brand but Whirlpool... I don't know what to do other than setting it to "minimum" to prevent the future catastrophe.

This is the biggest freezer ice I've ever seen after the very crappy dorm-fridge I used in a college dorm years ago.

Oh, my.


    that's very funny and cute


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