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el porro

Above is El Porró: the Catalan wine glass/jug. Sergi reckons his grandmother can pour it into her mouth with her arm extended straight in a salute as the wine cascades in an arc of half a meter. Don't pass his grannie the mic. And don't pass me the Porró 'cause I'm wearing a white shirt.

It was National Day of Catalonia on Thursday. Instead of celebrating by burning the Spanish flag like some people around here, we went to Set de Born xarcuteria and ate 'esqueixada': it's a salad of tomato, onion, vinaigrette, olives and soaked salt cod or 'bacalao'. Bacalao is also popular in Italy and Portugal: Mayuko tells me that in Lisbon, the signs advertising bacalao are strung up with flashing fluorescent lights that put the red light district to shame.
I really get that. Bacalao is awesome.


Catalan 'farm-produced' goats cheeses like Nevat goats cheese (acid), Sant Mateu (strong & tender) and Mutanyola (soft & tasty)

catalan cheeses

According to wikipedia, Catalunya has an official population of 7,210,508 from which immigrants represent an estimated 12.3% of the total population.

The name Catalunya either derives from 'Land of the Castles', or Gothia, "Land of the Goths" since the Spanish March was one of the places known as Gothia, whence Gothland and Gothlandia theoretically derived, though critics usually consider it rather simplistic.


    I wonder if the Goth-loli girls dream about one day visiting the land of Goth, as the reggae people dream about making a pilgrim to Shashamane in Ethiopia.


    the spanish 14 yr old emo girls look pretty dope... it's goth but more relaxed... baggy cotton pants, tank tops, very tanned ! yet gothic! hehe


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