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We arrived in Barcelona last night, and so far I have stuck to my plan to eat seafood for every single meal. Sorry, oceans. I have a date with fish destiny (and bad breath).

Last night I had a fishy bocadillo at a student restaurant on the Placa Universidad. It was just a white french bread split and smeared with tinned tuna and anchovies, but it was pleasantly odorous. I also had an ensaladilla rusa [Russian salad], which is basically Spanish potato salad. This one was yummy with small cubes of veges, little bit of mayo, and hint of tuna.

Today our breakfast & lunch came from a bakery that I went to most days during Sonar festival: one of the few spots where you can get nice wholegrain bocadillo baguette sandwiches.

I had pepsi, and coca: Catalan flatbread with roasted veges on it, slightly sour-sweet from the roasted onion. Very yummy.

And a tuna empanada (below) which was buttery with just a very thin smear of fish & tomato in the middle. The name comes from the Spanish 'Empanar' , to wrap. But let's face it - pastry is pastry. I think I prefer the chunkier South American style empanadas where the filling plays a more major role.

I was quite proud that I ordered these in Spanish. OK, I didn't exactly order them. I just said the words 'coca', 'empanada' and 'atun'.
....Points for effort?


I used the park bench as a table; but they have other uses too.



    ok seriously jealous......although I'm looking forward to my Maine Lobster Roll, Spanish seafood has got to be the bomb


    nice resolution ;-) when I had a squid ink risotto-like dish in Barcelona, I also decided I should keep eating seafood while in Spain! I like seafood-eating countries where they don't demonize eating octopus.


    ha! I've never had a Main lobster roll and dream of that too.
    spanish seafood lifestyle is a nice contrast to germany/england.... fish is outrageously priced in deutschland and it just doesn't feel natural when you're not beside the ocean.

    octopus (pulpa as they call it here) rules!
    ka-chan ka-chan - I love that!


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