Zena Plum Pudding Princess

Nana's 96th

This is a picture of my nana Zena she passed away on Friday at the age of 96.

Not only will I miss her company I will miss her plum pudding , heavily salted peas with mint and baby potatoes dug from her own garden of course (she still lived in her own house until only a few years ago).

Thank you for teaching me how to be not only a better person but more importantly how to smoke fish and eels.

Thinking of you always.


    Really sorry to hear this, Hock. We were just talking about her the other day, no? She was a chef, right? My condolences...


    Thanks A


    Hey Hock. I might be your cousin. Probably am. I'm Katies daughter, Catherine. Yea, it was sad to hear about nana. I'm in Brisbane so won't be going over for the funeral. Who do you belong to?


    I'm sorry to hear, Hock.


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