Home Cooking Review: Polenta Baked With Goats Cheesee

This recipe is vegetarian but is so lush and yummy it doesn't feel like your missing out on anything. Do I sound like Nigella? I have been somewhat of a domestic goddess of late in an attempt to save our pennies before our impending trip to the states and japan

polenta bake


Basically make polenta as per directions and when cooked stir in lots of parmesan and butter and then blob out in a baking tray or spring form cake pan lined with baking paper. On top place cooked spinach, or zucchini or any vege you like along with sliced red onion and crumble goats cheese all over it (or gorgonzola or any yummy creamy cheese you like) then beat 4 to 6 eggs with some milk or cream and pour over the whole big yummy mess and bake in a pre-heated oven until firmish- about 40 mins.

Serve with tomato ragout, home made or bought and crusty bread.


    looks yummy will def try it


    wow, I have no idea how much penny you are saving by cooking with all the high-so goat cheese and imported polenta. Cheese is so expensive in this country! No matter how humble food I cook, eating out the regular Thai food seems to be a lot cheaper.


    yes well the polenta is expensive I suppose, around $3 US for a packet or 100 baht, I guess it depends by whose standards you measure it. I know that we could save a lot more money if we ate Thai food on the street more, but Sukhumvit tends to be a bit of a food dessert in terms of fresh tasty Thai food unless you want to eat noodles and grilled meat on sticks 3 times a day. Besides, I'm not one of those people who like to eat Thai food 3 times a day 7 days a week. I think growing up in NZ and then living in Australia you get used to having a whole variety of different cuisines in your diet. Most weeks Hock and I will eat a range of foods including Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, Italian etc etc etc. Spoilt I know but given choice I tend to use it to it's fullest extent. So given our penchant for both the local and the exotic, I find its definitely cheaper to cook western food at home than to eat out, plus I can use better ingredients than restaurants and on top of that the hubby is a chef so I can get hold of lots of imported ingredients at wholesale prices. He also gets given lots of samples from suppliers. The other week he was given some Kobe beef burgers from a supplier to try out at home. So I guess I'm just lucky. My advice, marry a chef, you'll never go hungry at least


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