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NZ Job

Note the headline. When did saying stuff in a slightly retarded way to be funny become a Kiwi-ism? I think we have begun to take pride in imperfection.


    I read this on serious eats and other food blogs, it's certainly been tagged all over the blogosphere

    good marketing if not amusing


    It reminds me of a job listing I read about for a bar in Brooklyn, in Nina Lalli's Now Hiring posts, but less clever/antagonistic...
    (yes I'm weird I read nina lalli but not serious eats)

    the thing that struck me about it the most is the headline. it's this kiwi thing where saying something in a childish or dum way is our goofy humour.
    i think more people talk like children in NZ than in other countries.
    i'm pooh-poohing but i actually do this too. talk like i'm retarded to entertain the crowds


    yeah I see what you mean. Hell pizza, tui billboards, flight of the conchords... Huffer does it a bit too I think. And 42 Below! 42 Below totally uses that sort of slow folksy kiwi mate slang in their advertising. And L&P.

    I guess if you want something to feel "kiwi", that laid back vernacular is an easy method.

    As an alternative, I'll offer up the recent Macs beer rebranding (e.g.

    Apparently they looked at New Zealand artists like Colin McCahon to convey a distinctly kiwi tone without falling back on folksy cliche. I like it!

    On 2 October 2008 at 05:48 Anonymous said...

    I'm annoyed that it's not the real Murder Burger from Davis in California:


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