Arise Sirflank. Phil Lees on my mind.

Flank steak is a super flavoursome cut (but not the prettiest) so why not combine the tasty flank with a show pony cut like the Sirloin.

The two cuts make for a superduper tasty cut of beef. Especially when you cook Sirflank in the mid 50°C range for 40 odd minutes, wok sear to finish and serve.

Sirloin meet flank

Australian grain fed sirloin on the left, Australian wagyu flank on the right.

Sirloin meet flank, hello activa TG-B

A touch of Activa TG-B

Plus fat

Don't waste that wagyu fat.


Rongs patented folding technique.


Compress and leave overnight.


Most likely a pretty picure to follow.

I am off to bed now. Big Friday and Saturday services ahead and no wife to enjoy an after work whisky with.

Oh well. Night to all.

What a day, I'm shagged.


    I love it. And thanks for the shout out.

    I'm still planning on glueing pork crackling to spam, and avoiding accidentally glueing my eyelids shut.


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