How to effectively curb your appetite

Methods to make your udon noodle the least appetizing:

1. Cook the noodle as you normally do.
2. Separate the noodle, trimmings and soup.
3. Put the dry ingredients flat on a plastic plate and soup in a plastic bowl.
4. Put plastic wrap all over it.
5. Serve lukewarm on a hospital bed.

6. To prolong the appreciation of the food, when done do not take them away for another 12 hours and have a feast with ants.
7. Don't forget to keep injecting the 5% dextrose IV into your veins even though you are capable of having regular meals.

I was hospitalized for a severe onset of type-A influenza.

Before we knew what it was, as soon as they learned I have insurance (and was running a fever as high as 40 degrees), they decided to put me in a VIP room.

On my second day, I was eating three regular meals a day, covered in plastic, but they kept me on IV.

On my third day, the fever went down, but I lost my appetite.

Since it wasn't any of those dangerous tropical diseases like the Dengue or Malaria, I insisted to go home, which they reluctantly accepted.

They charged 340 baht ($10) for a very cheap looking toiletries set which one of the nurses brought to me saying "it's a gift for you!". Liar.

I am almost hating udon noodles and khaw tom (rice soup), traumatized from the appetite-stripping presentation at the hospital.


    oh no!
    that does not sound pleasant at all


    M told me you were not well. I hope you feel better soon.


    Thanks! I'm recovering. I missed the opportunity to join the rice harvest though :(


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