Muskrat stew ....if only

This comment was left on a friend’s blog a few months back and we have discussed it ever since.

Of course I will never EVER be able to afford to go to Asia, but I simply adore chinese food. AND, I am a PROFESSIONAL CHEF from Brooklyn, NY, now living in a trailer park in Clearwater, Florida . . . (some legal problems you understand).

So, I think I am going to try to make some of the waffles.

Normally, the only food that I and my boyfriend ?Big Bear? have in restaurants is pizza.

Of course, we eat ONLY gourmet pizza from places like the POINTE here in Florida. You can read where I recommended pizza on SeriousEats where I am a senior advisor to Mr. Ed Levine, who is one my heroes.

Otherwise we just cook pasta bake, beans, and muskrat stew here in the trailer house.

My other hero is DAVID LISKE, a naval hero who lives in Luna Pier where his wife is the mayor of Michigan. And they eat BOWLS and BOWLS of muskrat stew.

But I am off topic, please excuse me. Your waffle post is great. And since I am a really nice person, I am going to check it out.

If only we had people nearly as exciting as this reading our silly little blog.

(Sorry to those of you who also might be running from the law and are currently reading Gfeelins. You may well have equally exciting lives)


    Ahh... The good old days, when people actually read and commented on my blogs....


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