Sticky Rice and Thai Politics

So I've been engaged in a very long email battle with my father over Thai politics for sometime now....but today it reached the level of food analogies so here we go with a blog post.

There is a long and boring back story to this but I'll just give you the most recent titbits.


you can throw all the incriminating evidence about Thaksin you like. It makes little difference now

Get with the program. Your country is crumbling


No, this country will survive. This is like waiting at the queue at supermarket check out.

The check out girl is trying to hush you up by saying that you are holding other people up when you try to stand for your case to put thing right.

This country will survive. It still has enough reserve, about 100-120 billion USD. And the Thai can survive well on mere salted fish and sticky rice


I hate it when people like you say that Thais can survive on salted fish and sticky rice, yes they can, so could I but that's not development, it's not poverty reduction.*

The problem is that people have been left to survive on sticky rice and salt fish for too long. And they want better for themselves

Until someone delivers a better life to rural people Thailand will continue to be plagued by these problems

You may find yourself standing at the supermarket with your gourmet cheese and wine for quite a long time

You may or may not agree with me, but don't worry, I won't get the last word, I never do when it comes to my Dad

*Actually for me it would probably be a wise diet choice


    So your father's pointing out to sticky rice excludes him from the protesting group as I imagine your father eats khaw suai... with a spoon?


    yes, a silver one most likely


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