Klongtoey Market Violence part two

Great. Another fucking bomb goes off. What is wrong with these people*.


Dear fellow citizens of Bangkok can we please lay off with the bombs and shit.

Thank you.

This from the Straits Times, Singapore

A GRENADE thrown at a rally of Thai vendors protesting at a Bangkok street market wounded 16 people, police said on Saturday.

It was the second bomb attack this month at the Klongtoey market and was not linked to anti-government protests elsewhere in the Thai capital, police said.

The last incident on Nov 13 wounded 13 people.

Police said the grenade was thrown after 7pm from a flyover above the rally site near Bangkok's main port. Some 300 hawkers and stall owners had gathered there to oppose a plan by landowners to redevelop the area.

'They are trying to evict us from this area,' said street vendor Somsak Yoopiam, 46. 'I was addressing the rally when a big bang sent dozens of people sprawling to the ground.'

I was just sitting under this flyover on my scooter yesterday.

*By this I mean people who resort to violence to get their way.


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