New York Pickle Capital of the World

People have now asked me several times what was the best thing I ate in New York....

And although we ate plenty of great meals, the thing that was a complete revelation to me had to be the pickles...

I've eaten pickles before of course, but the pickles of New York take pickles to a whole other level of pickle goodness


They are crunchy and briny and flavourful, they come free at most Jewish delis

I have since realised that all other pickles I have eaten are but a poor imitation of New York pickles

The best pickle of all was the pickles at 2nd Ave Deli (ups KJ)



Accompanied by a white fish salad and a pastrami sandwich



This is a pretty pricey deli these days, the decor inside is great, but my advice order light and make pickles the focus


    ahh...... yum
    so glad the 2nd Ave Deli lives!!


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