How do you like ya prawns?


Chef Rong (our butcher slash sous vide slash Activa expert) is loving our new chamber vacuum machine, so vacuum he will.

For our upcoming new menu next week we are both trying to work out what the perfect cooking temperature to time ratio might be, so there is no fucking around at the last moment this Wednesday trying to guess what might work.


Rong and Hock

48°C was just a little wee funky more warm sushi than cooked, probably perfect for Chuck from "Chuck eats". I liked 52°C but I think 55°C is where it is at for the Bangkok crowd.


Chef Roca gives no temperature guide for massive Thai King prawns.


The tail doesn't curl up which makes for a cool presentation style.

For this months menu we have flavoured these bad boys with orange skin, olive oil and few other spices, we will be serving this with barley and saffron.


    great posts Hockman, also love the tattoos one


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