Cooler Fun.

LN2 Avocado
Super freezing avocados

It is an amazingly simple task when it comes to blending super frozen items into a fine snow (vivid green coloured snow in this case) especially when you take food close to -196°C in a matter of minutes. The powder/snow that we created made a great finish for a tomato hops broth with a garnish of pure halloumi noodle which we also blended and bound with a percentage of Methocel A15C to form a wonderful salty cheesy take on pasta.


Another cool use for LN2 is its ability to turn liquids into little pearls of yumminess, coconut pearls in this case. We used our mighty Pacojet to spin 100% pure frozen Thai mangos into a creamy sorbet then finished this little pre-dessert with coconut pearls made from fresh Thai coconut cream and then finished the shot glass with freeze dried "organic" banana granules which of course came from Switzerland.



Mango, coconut, banana

Soft shell crab salad (from the same menu)

Chocolate chestnut dessert, cocoa nib ice cream (also from the same menu)

Chef Rongs very cute two year old son seemed to enjoy the cocoa nib ice cream.


    amazing, Hock
    got a picture of the soup?




    added some more pics




    v impressive sir!


    I'm impressed. How hard is it to get liquid nitrogen in BKK?

    On 9 November 2008 at 08:54 悉怛多缽怛囉PLANET said...

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    Hey Phil

    Pretty easy. 50 baht per ltr.

    The dewar is the expensive thing.

    I might get a couple of shots of the supplier delivering the next order in a few days.

    Are you going to be over my way soon? I heard that you might.


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