Berkeley on Lock: and Locavores reconsidered

After Maytel's amusing panning of Chez Panisse et al, I couldn't resist adding the above photo, which comes from the New York Times this week. It's an image from a Berkeley kindergarten. I love how sushi makes it onto the kindergarten radar.

Locavore is a word that has always made me shiver a bit: needlessly labeling a one-dimensional aspect of being a consumer.

Anyway, Robert Sietsema's first installment of his series on eating locally and cheaply (if not organically) in NYC, is quite interesting.
And his motivations are laudable. Down with ten dollar chops, I say! (They remind me too much of New Zealand).


    That's excellent.


    Miss Miss but chocolate is good for you.


    I think parents used to teach the kids what are good and bad foods... but in America they hand it over to schools... it's like labeling orange juice "fat free", as if no one knows orange juice naturally contains no fat.

    Sushi can be evil, though, especially American inventions such as spider rolls, with deep-fried soft shell crab and mayo.


    hah! Nalika. that is very true. & evil might be one of my favourite adjectives.

    the photo comes from an article that's all about state-by-state differences in bans on certain foods in schools, and starts by discussing the end of the on-school-premises bake sale.
    i think Kentucky has the strictest school rules regarding sugar/fat content of food and the sale of things that distract from meal times

    if i lived there... i would support it. but i am not sure what these states are doing to make healthy food cheaper & more palatable. i think that's why jamie oliver's UK school dinner program failed... not really kid friendly and expensive for the canteens to make.
    hate to say it but maybe he could have taken a page out of Jessica Seinfeld's book....


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