My new favorite food blogger

Through a post on Gothamist today, I found my new favorite food blogger: Franklin of Franklin on Food.

Franklin, a student at tech-friendly CIS 339 middle school in The Bronx, is the official cafeteria food critic for his school's aptly named student blog, The 339 Hardline. I appreciate his synthetic method-- part personal testimony, part man-on-the-street interview, plus his latest efforts heave with the gravitas which only quantitative data can give them.

I only wished he posted more frequently.

I should probably also add that the 7th and 8th graders who write for The 339 Hardline are more engaging than what I usually find myself reading when I am supposed to be working.


    that is so cute, he seems like he is mainly the voice of dissent....poor thing has been fed so much bad pizza that he actually states that he now dislikes pizza...from an 8th grader...


    There are a couple of comments on there from an authority figure (someone whose name starts with "Mr") which encourage young Franklin to take a more proactive approach to the Cafeteria Problem. However, he seems to have lost blogsteam before implementing the suggestions.


    "Shout out to the garbage for eating all the coleslaw."

    kid's got chops.

    what a great antidote after reading about that upper west side brat (story couple days ago in the nytimes) who wants to be a critic and has a leather bound notebook.


    hah! just read the gothamist links. hilarious critique of danyelle freeman on the gawker.
    is she maybe the worst writer on the planet??


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