Khao soi. When pigs fly.


I met up with authentic experts on Thai Food Mr Bush and Mr Thompson on Friday for a little bit of an early afternoon scooby snack.

Slightly better than average food from a restaurant that specializes in khao soi, khanom jeen naam ngiao and the likes. Everything accept for the khao kan jin was pretty mediocre unlike the company which was much more flavoursome than the noodles.


Austin annoying the cooks...although she didn't mind according to him.
If I had that many orders going on at once and someone was asking me questions I know what my answer would be.


Their version of khao kan jin was really yummy. Rice, blood and other bits (you wouldn't even notice the blood). Savoury and delicious.


I was still hankering for a good bowl of khao soi today. I am no expert but I think the above version at Yuy Lee on soi 35 not far from where I live is really good.


With all the political bullshit going on here in Bangkok it has been rather quiet at work. The weather has been really cool of late, less traffic resulting in less pollution making todays khao soi experience all that much better.

Will the airport open soon? When pigs fly.


Stewards Joy and Nut enjoying their late night after work noodles. Their choice of eating spot confused me somewhat but as always they seemed happy.


    don't say that, I want in...pigs will fly, they better otherwise I'm coming to get you over land

    your stewards are cute huh


    lol their choice of eating spot... Thai people are so spontaneous. I've once been confused with an entire Thai family enjoying lunch sitting in the middle of the waterfall with their regular clothes on.


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