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It's Friday night...and I should have been here


Drinking this


As I was last Friday, but I just couldn't face another wild night of drinking with anthropology doctorate students and Chinese language and history majors and discussing the relative merits of materialism versus phenomenology as philosophical approach

Just kidding, we may be geeks but we're not that geeky (only sometimes), what we did discuss is the relative merits of Little Creatures and its higher price tag versus a cheaper alternative like say Victoria Bitter.

General consensus is that everyone loves Little Creatures, it is a sophisticated brew, full of complex flavours that left our descriptive abilities somewhat stunned into mere appreciative exclaimations of "mmmmmm"..."it goes well with salt and vinegar chippies"

But really, it is a great beer, a beer that can stand up to the task of not being drunk frozen cold, I'd even drink it luke warm and that's something for an austral-asian

But in my humble beer swilling opinion, it is the shiraz of beers. You really only want to have one or two bottles while still sober so you can appreciate all those little creatures swirling around in your mouth and then move on to a lighter cheaper beer with less hangover potential, if you are perhaps more of a man than me, and have more cash to burn you may want to go for 3. But you don't want to carry on drinking it past the point where you start dicussing at which stage it is appropriate to fart in a relationship and whether or not this debases your romantic involvement, then you may as well go for a cheaper option because you'll hardly notice what you are drinking anyway

In fact it may be barely perceptible to you that you now suddenly appear to be eating chinese food at Happys in the Civic Canberra, and drinking white wine, stumbling on to drink 4 single malts at a really awful bar and and ending up in bed somehow with a chicken souvlaki and a terrible case of the vertigo

I may be up for it again in a couple of weeks, and when I am I plan on sampling their new Pilsner, (before ending up in bed with another souvlaki)


    It's true: after a few beers your palate does get pretty shot, regardless of what you're drinking. The best way to cleanse is with a refreshing souvlaki.

    As for Friday night phenomenology, I'm strictly with Merleau-Ponty.


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