Egg tart, work of art.

After being inspired by Kinakojams post on the yet to be tasted but much drooled over Pastel de Belém, I decided to negotiate Bangkok's traffic to pick up an egg tart for myself. Usually obtaining a tart requires eating your way through a medicinal Sunday morning yum cha session, where the hopes of multiple dim sum might cure that hangover. None of that is required here, the most difficult task was to find a park for my scooter. That accomplished I headed upstairs to the Saladaeng BTS station where The Ceylon is located and made my purchase of their fantastic works of art which have the added bonus of being kept dangerously warm for your eating pleasure.

What I like most about these tarts is that the curd is scorched much like a Pastel de Belém, instead of the often pale egg tarts that you usually find elsewhere.

Yummy! Worth the 30 baht and near death experience.

The Ceylon.JPG

Warm tarts.JPG

Tarts & bread.JPG

Work of art.JPG

So there.JPG


    looks very good
    how big is that thing?


    Two bites maybe three


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