Calf Moose Rib Fusion

Along with the lack of chef bloggers on the Internet, there is also a void of food blogs written by people who shoot or raise their own meat. Shooting blogs tend to emphasize photos of camo-clad weekend warriors standing in the steaming gut pile rather than the delicious gamy outcome of their sport. Kevin Kossowan is crossing the shooter-gourmand divide.

The photo does not capture the scale of this rack of ribs: the platter is a foot wide and 16" long. I got roughly 4 racks that size per calf.

I poached them for an hour and a half earlier in the day in water, dark soy, red wine vinegar, onion, and garlic. I then grilled them this evening, threw some hickory chips in there for a tish of smoke, and basted them about 3 times, both sides, with Rudy's BBQ sauce. Canadian calf moose with Texas BBQ. Fusion? Hah.

See: Kevin Kossowan


    Thanks for the kind words - really appreciate the feedback.

    There's a lot of talk and hype about regional and local foods, yet hunters seem to have a stigma attached. Seems to me eating an animal that lives wild in your back yard is more 'regional' and 'natural' than a non-native species of domesticated cow living on an organic farm and sold for a ridiculously high markeup at the 'farmer's market'...


    Unfortunately some of us are such big wimps that the closest we'll ever get to hunting is reading your website.

    Then again, there must be some rabbits worth eating in these German woods......


    Hopefully, I'll get a bit of shooting in when I get back to Australia - so I'll be posting the results here if it happens.


    Kevin I really enjoy your blog and have spent far to long looking at older posts, amazing stuff!


    I do know how to spell 'markup', honest. :P

    Kinakojam - last year I killed my first calf, and we had an incident with a very large cow moose that wasn't happy I shot her daughter. It doesn't make you feel good, so I don't blame others for avoiding it or not being interested.

    Phil - definitely let me know if you have any luck!

    Hock - Wow! Thanks! Enjoy!


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