When food bloggers attack


I pity these poor noodles.

Captured last weekend while on a eating mission with two of South East Asia's most infamous food bloggers.

An exceptionally yummy day.


    that's so funny

    yes, those poor old noodles


    hey, I resemble that picture.

    I'm not actually taking a photo, I'm blocking the light so the other guy's photo looks like shit.




    Hmmm... Looks like your little plan didn't work so well, did it Phil (http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=1985287526&size=o). And anyway, I don't care what Hock says, that bowl of noodles was asking for it.



    Damn you, Austin, and your fancy camera.


    I'm wondering what restaurants you visited that day. For example, you're a tourist coming in for a week. Where could you not miss...

    You mentioned the food map? Great site. I'll be back for more.


    We've posted a bit more on this at our respective sites: Austin's coverage of Ko Lun (where the pictured noodles are) and my post on the whole eating odyssey. Important addresses are:

    Chote Chitr
    146 Thanon Phraeng Phuthon
    02 221 4082

    Khanom Beuang Phraeng Nara
    Thanon Phraeng Nara

    Ko Lun
    Thanon Mahanop


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