Peta Tries To Deny Cambodians KFC

In a follow up to the KFC in Cambodia story reported on in August, it now appears that PETA is petitioning the government to ban KFC from entering the country


    I searched PETA's website to track down the original letter they reportedly sent to Hun Sen. I could not find it. I was keyed up about it, because one of the news reports which I read (which I also am now unable to find) quoted their letter as saying something to the effect of,

    "Foreigners do not come to Cambodia to eat KFC,"

    suggesting that a KFC invasion will spoil some tourist's Authentic Khmer Experience. Moreover, I am pretty confident that the people in power do not care where I eat.

    Visit any of the growing number of fast food restaurants in Phnom Penh and you will immediately note that nearly all their customers are Khmer. And the times I have visited, they are packed!


    I agree entirely. We must defend the right of all nations to get fat and eat fried chicken

    and yes, I'm serious


    I'm holding out until the chicken and waffle manufacturers team up until I write letters of protest.


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