Seafood Odyssey, Sydney

Another family ritual whilst in Sydney goes a bit like this: wake up on a Saturday or Sunday morning and brave the crowds at the Sydney fish markets. Withdraw a hundy (that's australian for 100 dollars) and go on a seafood buy up binge.

Once inside turn right and queue for sweet little Sydney rock oysters


Freshly murdered by this man

Take two steps to your right and queue for sliced to order sashimi of salmon, hiramasa and tuna or some smoked trout for something different, get a seaweed salad too

Walk towards Christies and buy mussels and clams. Then head up the arcade for some crab. We bought freshly cooked spanner crab. Head further still and buy some seafood accoutrements like lemon, herbs, garlic aioli, sourdough bread and white wine

Drive out to the northern beaches and have a little feast at your sisters house

gorge on oysters with hot sauce and lemon juice

and crab dipped in garlic aioli

Admire the view and feed the cockatoos that land on her balcony

Go to the beach and fall asleep on the beach and be awoken by sisters throwing sand at you


    Murder sounds (looks) just about right.


    yeah strewth look at him

    argh jesus i can't wait to be back down under...
    looks like a pretty nice life in Sydders!!


    hahah looking at him again he actually looks a bit like my dad only whiter and more australian LoLoL!!


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