Abusing the executive privileges

If you're wondering where the old Gut Feelings look went, I had a fool about with it this afternoon in a rampant abuse of the editorial powers. If anybody thinks it now sucks, I'll change it back. I also managed to lose the Gut person picture, so if anybody has the link, it would be mighty handy.


    that would be kinako jam.....


    my only other comment was that I rather liked the colour scheme of the old one, of course I picked it

    I just liked the pus coloured background, somehow I thought it bought out the colours in the food shots better


    I like it but the stomach guy has gotta go somewhere 4 sure.

    I will try to put the translate this icon back, especially for our large Spanish, Japanese and German readership.



    Maytel said that the tag line "The way we feel inside" is missing.

    You have opened a can of worms I feel, anyway enjoy your holiday.

    I love the charley dying in the sea of fishes.


    looks phat, Phil! Phanks!

    i sent tim's stomach guy to maytel to pass to you.

    guess we don't need the tagline 'the way we feel inside', it's maybe sorta repeating what 'gut feelings' means anyway?


    Translate is back. I'll also add the tagline to the header.


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