Soft opening, gratuitous self promotion

As some of you my know, my days in Cambodia are numbered. That number, as of today, is two. This means that Phnomenon will come to an end when I run out of material in about a month’s time. So I invite you to check The Last Appetite: Great eating from the white trash of Asia. Nothing’s happening there at the moment, but any feedback on design would be great.


    wow, so prutty

    just whip that up over night did you?

    if I make you an admin for gut feelings could you cast your magical web design powers over this blog too or is it too labourious?


    Yeah, I had a few minutes yesterday between packing up my crap.

    I sure can make this blog pretty if I can get admin powers - but probably aren't going to have time to do it, at least in the next month.


    anytime is have now been awarded executive powers


    The Last Supper looks super.

    all the best for coming adventures & the next chapter!


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