So So Seafood: T&K Seafood Chinatown, Bangkok

It was another sopping wet night in Bangkok

Not really the night for venturing out to eat a dirty Chinatown seafood meal on the street.

But we did anyway, with our friend Reneau (friendly neighbourhood french restauranteur from Siem Reap) and his french and argentinian friends who live in Costa Rica


We had forgotten that Mondays are street food free days in Bangkok. So we ended up sitting inside at T & K's, a grubby little seafood restaurant in Chinatown where we usually perch on plastic stools on the street and order a cheap seafood feast. E's is positively high class compared to this place. But it is exceptionally cheap and mostly fresh.

T & K Seafood.JPG

I had never been inside the restaurant, but I'm glad I did because we got to see their beautiful tinsel signage

Flash Sign.JPG

The thing this place does exceptionally well is bbq river prawn. They have charcoal grills on the street and the prawns are infused with a wonderful smokey flavour. They are also fresh. Fresh enough to suck the heads. I never used to suck prawn heads until Hock told me to close my eyes and think of boulliabase...I did, it's worth it.

Grilled Prawns.JPG

The crab fried rice was very good also
Crab Fried Rice.JPG

I like to eat sea snails, just as I like to the eat the little foot that always stick to the shell when you eat a mussel. There is something satisfyingly chewy about sea snails. These were big, but some weren't fresh which of course ruins the chewy thrill.


The fried fish with fish sauce was a disappointment. It was dry and over cooked, a pale comparison to the original Rayong recipe which comes with shredded green mango marinated in fish sauce on top

Fried Fish.JPG

Decent cockles stir fried with chili sauce and Thai basil

The bbq crabs were a bit dry and old


    and those pix of the tinsel sign and the rain drenched street are beautiful
    i'm only sorry the monkey sausage bumped them down from the top spot somehow!


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