Birthday Uni

This year Hock surpirsed me for my birthday with my very own box of Hokkaido uni.

I first tried uni in Japan on my wedding and honeymoon. We were staying at a strange little ryokan in between yokohama and tokyo. It was the height of summer and we had just arrived and we wandered down some quaint neighbourhood streets and found a local sushi joint. Inside was an old sushi chef, making sushi with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, the place was full of men drinking enormous draft beers.

Anyway, uni was a revelation to me and I have been obsessed with it ever since.

My throw away comment a few days before my birthday that I wanted to eat uni did not go unnoticed

At 12 am on my birthday I was presented with a bottle of moet and a big box of beautiful golden uni


The next day he made me uni sushi



I love Hock


    the uni looks beautiful in that box.


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