NPR Food Podcast

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It's a round up of all food related stories on NPR each week

This week is

1) Hot Dog Eating Contest Is July 4 Tradition 2) Beer Industry Calls for Kegs 3) Ritz Serves Breakfast Fit for a Czar 4) The Great Ice Cream Sundae Debate

Last week was

1) Sushi's Ascent in America 2) Inspection in China Finds 23,000 Cases of Bad Food 3) In France, a Controversy over Camembert 4) 'Consider the Oyster' -- a Peerless Summer Delicacy


    Other tasty podcast (or streamable) offerings in the food arena from NPR include:

    I am particularly fond of the Hidden Kitchens series. Kitchens are special. There's probably a dissertation topic in there somewhere...


    Okay, that URL for the Hidden Kitchen series got cropped.

    Just graft the following:



    and you will be in business.

    But you all are probably smart enough to have already figured that out...


    yes, I'm already in the know on that one, but tanks all the same....

    How's things in the big landing?



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