E Pochana: Bangkok Seafood Gluttony

It's somewhat a family tradition to take first time Bangkok visitors to E Pochana's. So before my pop's left we took Green Dean to experience his first curry crab.

While Somboon's may very well be the curry crab originator, E's is definitely the perfector.

Everytime we go we only ever order the same dishes, because they are sooooo good

E Pochana.JPG




Satay, ok it's not seafood but they do make it especially well

Clams stir fried with Thai basil
Clams a la pad kaprao.JPG

Simple stir fry kangkong with garlic and chilis

Goong woo sen - Teow Chew dish of glass noodles in a pot baked with prawns, sichuan peppercorns, garlic and pork fat
goong woo sen a la teow chew.JPG

Fragrant baked fish with pandan leaves, and a yummy paste, my guess is garlic and corriander roots
Baked Fragrant Fish.JPG

The piece de resistance - curry crab
Curry Crab a la E's.JPG

The money shot
The Money Shot.JPG

E's is located next to Sam Yaan Seafood Market


e's directions.jpg


    i wanna come to bangkok asap this is inspiring

    On 15 July 2007 at 07:15 Anonymous said...

    that looks bloody good. You all are eating well.


    it tastes even better than it looks


    Sometimes, I don't know why I keep visiting this site. Your pics are killing me!


    ummm....mmmm...looks so yummy


    well if any of you come to Bangkok I promise i will take you to E's


    I can't wait to get back to that. I'm thinking of skipping out on visiting Northern Thailand to get to Bangkok sooner.


    are you coming to thailand? when?


    Coming in about two months - travelling through US/Korea/Vietnam/Southern Laos first


    as you do, standard world trip itinerary then is it


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