Creative Reconstructions: Bone Marrow Parsley Salad

So a while ago I attempted to make Fergus Henderson's Bone Marrow and Parsley Salad from his book Nose to Tail Eating

He says to use veal bones but I just used old frozen beef bones from the supermarket

Bone Marrow Parsley Salad.JPG

It was good nonetheless. Although I made far too much. I could only manage 3 bones. It is rather rich and very unctious a bit like beef flavoured butter. The parsley salad is a must and make sure it is lemony as all hell to cut through the rich marrow.


Turn your oven on high and heat for 10 mins and then put defrosted beef bones in an oven proof pan and roast until the ooze fat (around 20 - 30 mins)
Prepare parsley salad with sliced shallots, capers and lots of lemon juice
Toast some good bread

Serve bone marrows with toast, sprinkle with parsley salad and fresh cracked pepper and good quality salt flakes


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