Every day is a Phuket day.

This is for Phil and Hasselhoff Experiment (who was living in Phuket but is now "doing the right thing" and finishing his studies in sunny Wellywood rather than becoming THE liquid chef of Asia).

Before Phil started writing for the Wall St Journal Asia he use to write kick ass beer reviews . I am sure this is how I stumbled across his blog Phnomenon. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I was cooking in Cambodia and he was writing about Khmer food.

I am all about the beer, which I am sure both Phil and the Hass can attest to.

Phuket beer or according to the label - biere or birra or biere or cerveza or piwa - it's a beer that likes to cover all linguistic bases (much like the taste and the tourist mecca itself) - is one of the better beers in Thailand and the people of Belgium seem to agree, they awarded it 'monde' selection in 2006.

There is no noticeable use of rice or any metallic taste (a good thing?). The brewers website attests to manufacturing small batches and use this reason as an excuse for its relatively high price tag compared to other local Thai beers.

I like it and the can is pretty. It conjures all things tropical without any strict adherance to annoying geographical facts, like the fact that Toucans are only found in South America...fuck dat...it's Phuket man...home of white rastas and other such ethno-biological oddities.

(yeah yeah she wrote the last paragraph)


    Any beer that is both brewed on an island and boasts of the fact on the can is automatically suspect.


    ain't no party like an island partay!!

    yeah u really have to come to Germingland, beer boy.


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