Father's Food Reflections Antwerp, Belgium

My pops emailed me with some generally vague food reviews and pics from Antwerp.

Sorry he isn't more specific as to where he has apparently been having such tasty meals. But he goes there often so if you are going to Antwerp and you really want to know where the baby boomers chill then I'm sure I can get some names for you.

Dear Maytel,

blah blah blah.....

PS it was not just the mussel that was real ymmy. I had the day before a real tasty Italian meal for luch, a plate of veal kidney cooked with champignon and lots of garlic. It was reallly good

A couple of evening before that I had for the first time raw herring served with this sauce made up of some creamy like substance with capers and chopped up onion.

For lunch I had a sandwich made with french loaf and eel and something quite tasty. (???)

For dinner.......see attached picture.

The ray was stunning. I didn't realise how good it could be.

skate wing.jpg

Cheese Obviously

cheese obviously.jpg

An unspecified drink
unspecified drink.jpg


    did he really write 'blah blah blah'?
    i love it.

    apparently Belgium has more Michelin-starred restaurants per capita than France. (not that i would ever be cash-flushed enough to visit any of them!)

    i'd love to go back to antwerp, have only had a hurried few hours there en route from seaside, sooo pretty. 2nd hand clothes shopping and 2nd hand record digging also supposed to be good (I didn't find any 2nd hand dries van noten but a handmade purple, pink & mustard woolen sweater for ten bucks, much nicer than it sounds)
    there's also a club there called Cafe Capital which sounds really good, they have rowdy electro space disco type stuff, and recently bernard wilhelm Momu afterparty. If you ever come to Europe, we should go there Maytel, and eat and go dancing.

    Brussels also looks interesting to me now; i've only been to the the big silver war of the worlds monument on the highway nearby,
    but have taken the thalys train which passed through Brussels, it looked very sepia toned like an abandoned bawdy port town. an english guy who i know who works for associated press there hates it, and he had his laptop taken from him at gun point on a train (when our train stopped there, police walked up and down the carriages until we pulled out again).

    but this article makes it seem really appealing and quite cheap:


    yeah, that would be nice, I think we will come to Europe next year after I finish my thesis (and if the US D returns to a respectable level)

    Sounds nice tho. I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps today...so nice to have a holiday day dream


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