Burning Ring of Fire: Part Soong

When I posted about this great Isaan restaurant deep in the Thai suburbs.

I forgot to include photos - so here they are...

The restauranteur is a big Liverpool fan, thus the table cloths....

Som Tum
Som tum.jpg

Salt Baked Fresh Water Fish
Salt Baked Fresh Water Fish.jpg

Which they serve with this delicious and morish chili sauce
Nam Prik.jpg

Duck Larb
Duck Larb.jpg

Ubiquitous Thai BBQ Prawns
BBQ Prawns.jpg

Achingly Hot Lemon Grass Salad
Lemongrass salad.jpg

Isaan BBQ Chicken....mmmmmmmmmmmm
Issan BBQ Chicken.jpg

Isaan BBQ chicken is one of my favourite dishes....it's pretty easy to do at home, but you need a scrawny chicken that is full of flavour, not a big fat roasting chicken that you get in most western supermarkets

once you find your scrawny chicken, marinade it in fish sauce, garlic, coriander root, and white pepper.

and then serve with a dipping sauce made of the following ingredients

Dry roasted (with both fresh lime leaf and galangal) and then crushed sticky rice
chili powder
spring onion
shallots minced
fish sauce
lime juice
chicken powder (nitnoy meaning little bit)
sugar (nitnoy)
water (nitnoy)


    have to try that chicken
    duck larb looks amazing, what are the slimy red things - chillis?
    saltwater baked fish also looks amazing


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