Anarchic Nectarines


Damn it to hell. Yesterday I went to the local Rewe supermarkt with our camera, to capture a billboard that had been spray-painted, but ironically, it was pasted over with the poster above. That fool in the photo has had a cooking show on TV for ages. He's about as far from 'anarchie' as you can get.

The one I wanted to photograph, was an advertisement for discounted nectarines. The slogan was originally something like 'Sun in your heart, savings in your head.' But it had been defaced to read 'Sun in your heart, anarchy in your head.'
Then over the picture of nectarines they sprayed 'consumerism kills'.

I loved it, and I agree that discount fruit are at the centre of our troubles as a society.

Maybe this also has something to do with the name of a German band I really like, called the 'die Goldenen Zitronen' (the Golden Lemons).


    Aw nuts, the anti-organic anarchists were great.

    By way of compensation -- more Euro franchise graffiti.


    hah! amazing


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