When I was kicking it in the crack district in San Fran back in 06, I would hit the 'hood stores' just killing time, looking at sneakers and caps. Sometimes me and my bros were just trying to escape the lost souls and pranged out crack heads out on the street. Boys mack like its the end of the world over there its flattering but terrifying.

I remember one forward shop assistant barged up to me and was all like 'wassup ghuuurl' while demanding to know if I had 'cream in my coffee'. He asked this six times. It turned out to be a simple racial enquiry, did I have non-white lineage in the genetic mix or vice-versa. I remembered this story as I had a great breakfast this morning using CREAM as a condiment on the casual and in my delicious cup of joe like it was the 50's.

If karma is a bitch then this morning was her son. It was so icey and cold I went scottish all up in it and had a deluxe bowl of porridge. Don't get depressed - this is porridge stirred with, yes, cream - and a special mix of chopped hazlenuts, brazil nuts, raw sugar and cinnamon. Add almonds, stewed apple and sultanas. Basically this is a seratonin grenade and appetite-wise sustained like Madonna. (If you a bit blue and really need cheering up I'd add bananas and have some St Johns Wart loose leaf tea. I call this lethal loved-up combo 'ravers delight').


    I love the nonchalance of the 'creme in the coffee', very smooth! ;-)

    Porridge looks good!
    My granma always made us porridge with cream and brown sugar.
    I feel like I should go on your raver's delight diet...

    Was just listening to Frank (minus Dank) recording 'You don't have to a bitch' in the studio and was thinking 'this is resonating way too hard', I was already contemplating singing it to people who stood in the bicycle lane or perhaps to a certain client of our company on the phone!

    i need some positive porridge vibes!


    sorry... the lyric was 'you don't have to BE a bitch' (one too many singapore slings on the way home)


    I wish I woke up to a morning were I needed a bowl of creamy porridge with brown sugar......five years of living in the tropics makes you wish for weird things.

    I am kinda sick of muesli with mango, mangosteen and lychee.

    As for coffee did you read this


    and the response



    Oh my god i laughed, oh how i laughed!!

    I'm totally on Jeffs side. Probably because I get a bit Josephina Pesci when anyone tells me how I should enjoy something, if they with-hold something for the hell of it or their policy is elitist bullshit. (My family call me 'the rumbler' and erik ultimate calls me 'little class-warrior')

    Reminds me of the chinese restaurant who throws out duck fat every night instead of giving it to my hungarian friends who beg they dont. They love to dip their bread and fry their potatoes in it. Be flexible people! Food preferences are as complex as the people who have them!


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