Gut Feelings Rules of Engagement

Who said food blogging was nice?

Tomatom's recent blog post spurred me to think about how better to ensure this blog continues as its was intended, to be the "rock and roll" of food blogs and to continue to explore the nice, nasty and nitty gritty issues surrounding food and all interrelated matters.

As this blog has demonstrated over its short life, food is a messy, political, impassioned topic that stirs deep reactions

Given this past weeks agitations, I feel that it is important that we reaffrim that Gut Feelings is a free space where people can write freely, creatively and with feeling about subjects that they find interesting, useful, meaningful or amusing

Also in order to reclaim a sense of ownership in this blog, and ensure that Gut Feelings continues as a free space for all members I feel it may now be necessary to lay down some ground rules. This post is open to edit and discussion until we get a version that we are all happy with.

Rules of Engagement

1. No one may delete or edit another bloggers post without their prior consent unless it contravenes any of the following rules
2. All bloggers are free to express their opinions, beliefs and thoughts on food (within the statues of the law) and other related matters no matter how offensive they may be seem to some readers so long as those opinions or thoughts do not contain personal attacks, threats or issuance of fatwas
3. All criticism of opinions, beliefs and thoughts are welcome however they too must not contain personal grievances. You may criticise the idea but not the person.
3. If a blogger is writing under a pseudonym then you must respect their privacy and use that pseudonym when addressing them, if you do not your post or comment may be removed without permission
4. All posts must in some way be food, drink or gut related, however obscure
5. The opinions of different blog members may differ and should not be seen as reflection of the views of other members
6. comments that include derogatory, personal or highly bigoted attacks or death threats will be deleted
7. Where possible please reference sources, material or recipes used, plagerism or extreme copyright infringements may be removed
8. Swearing is fine so long as it is not directed at anyone in particular. Cuss words as an adjective or for exclamatory effect is fine


    ok sure, I'm fine wit dat

    Gut Feelings members should be free to parody, criticise or otherwise blaspheme against beliefs and lifestyles,

    but there should be a mental heath warning: some of the responses might be on an emotional level.... if someone's way of life is criticised, it's inevitable that they'll take it personally.

    I understand you want it to be OK to hurt people's feelings,
    i see where you're coming from with not wanting everything to be precious and nice

    I agree with that I but I also know that if someone feels like that unfair generalisations have been made, they will be upset about it.

    Just because someone quotes an academic source, doesn't make an argument seem automatically impersonal and unbiased.

    but again, I do understand that you want controversial stuff on here.

    no hard feelings, I hope!!


    no hard feelings but we do need to get to the bottom of this if the blog is to carry on with me as a member.

    Like any form of media if people don't like what is being said they are free not to read the blog

    That is why we write under psedonyms is it not?

    I can't help it if people take offence with my opinions

    I previously wrote a post lambasting Christians trying to prove that god exists with a jar of peanut butter. If you had a Christian friend who read the post and took offence I would still keep the post up

    I never set out intentionally to hurt anyone's feelings and I never wrote anything personally attacking anyone on a personal level. I made jabs at a lifestyle, belief and diet.

    I'm not responsible for anyone's hurt feelings but my own.

    If you want this blog simply reflect the opinions of you and your friends then this can no longer be a group endeavour in which I'm involved

    People are welcome to complain about unfair generalisations, but that doesn't mean I have to stop making generalisations. Generalisations are generalisations. We all make them regularly, if we didn't we would be stumped on how to explain the world.

    I never have never claimed to be unbiased

    no hard feelings



    you said "I do understand that you want controversial stuff on here."

    if you don't then say so now


    i rather talk to you on the phone than have some bizarre blog comments showdown.... can we do that? the internet has really turned us into monsters, hasn't it? xoxo


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