Aka gooseberries.

I just photographed them because I think they look nice.

Here is a good salad to make with them (or any other round, interesting berry.... usually blue berries or kiwi berries).
It's a salad that works on the days when you really really don't feel like salad.

Exciting Coleslaw

Wash & chop: two handfuls of basil leaves, a couple of spring onions, a couple of baby bok-choi, a few handfuls of a dark green leafy vegetable (e.g. spinach, lamb's mache/feldsalat) and either red cabbage, or another Asian green like Mizuna/mustard greens.

Dice an avocado in small cubes. Finely chop a small hunk of ginger.

Mix all of the above together with a handful of cherry tomatoes, a decent sprinkling of black sesame seeds, and a tablespoon each of soy sauce/tamari and olive oil. Then scatter your round berries on top. (I think round is good because they are usually not too sweet and the symmetry with the tomatoes is pleasing). And serve.

Please remind me if I already posted this recipe. I have some mild version of Alzheimers so you never know.


    Ooooh I love gooseberries too! They're fun.

    Once I tried to extract yeast by dunking Trader Joe's dried gooseberries in a bottle of water, which started bubbling up after a few days but didn't quite raise the bread. Raisins work better... maybe I needed to add a pinch of sugar.


    wow, I've never tried dried ones..
    you could've called it 'goodberry bread'!


    well, a part of a reason that I decided to dunk those dried gooseberries in water hoping to extract yeast was that they were not so nice... too tart to be enjoyed on its own. 'think they're better fresh, or made into jam, after my pathetic trial.


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