Parking Toys and Pizza

The other night after arriving home from the gracious hospitality of Austin Bush and his Lad Prao tour of Crokmai Thai Laos, ant egg and bamboo soup, followed by an excursion to Parking Toys for a bottle of Johnny and the charming entertainment of a Thai 1990s indie electro-rock cover band who play their own down beat version of "I see you baby, shakin that ass" whilst all seated, Thai style.....


Hock and I went to bed drunk and he tortured me with videos of one of NYC's most famous pizza joints.

It was hell. You know when you're quite drunk and longing for the greasiness that ant egg and bamboo soup doesn't quite fulfill....and there's nothing in the fridge and you just need cheesy bread and all he did was tell me stories of this old Scilian man who makes pizza one by one, very slowly as if he was making you a pizza especially for you in his home. No matter how busy he never speeds up. He just makes pizza, 7 days a week at exactly the same pace. Then he showed me this video and for days I couldn't stop thinking about the perfect pizza.

So the following weekend Hock made pizza, at home, just for me. First a simple margherita, and the second porcini mushroom and marscapone. The recipe from Heston Blumenthal's "In Search of Perfection" didn't quite meet Hock's idea of perfection, but it did mine.

Hock's Home made pizza

It's not quite New York, but it was a good pizza

Perfection in mundane setting
Pizza in a mundane setting


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