Hi Stomachs, forgive my blog anorexia. I have blog work like a pack of internal spice girls. For arty Coco see www.thewire.co.nz. For political Coco see www.thementaldtox.blogspot.com

But a girls gotta eat right!

In honour of EJ's wedding I have decided to get back to posting some inspirational culinary moments I have had this year, here is one I think that suits our long-distance but full flavoured friendship. I was in Nagoya Japan in February/March and had this mind-blowing dessert. Caramalised kumara (sweet potatoe) served with vanilla ice-cream, a little bit Maori a little bit Euro with a Japanese context - thats me and EJ all over. Sugoi ze tomodachi!


    sugoi naaaa
    e hoa ma, miss you!


    love the blogs, holy shit the Wire is star studded, - and I sort of know some of those people!


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