Mos Burger has landed in Bangkok and Japan-obsessed Thais can't get enough of it....although I'm prone to a bit of culture envy myself, wishing you were Japanese seems to be a major Bangkokian past time, if the fashion, the food and the music of BKK's mall rats are anything to go by

The first MOS opened in Zen Central World and has spread like wildfire through the city. There is now a MOS in every important central city mall.

I don't mind. I'm happy. I like MOS, specially their low 260 calorie prawn cutlet burger with only 4.6 gms of's essentially a guiltless girly burger




    I'm jealous..

    I used to eat lunch about once a week at Mos Burger since it was the closest option to work, I would usually get the teriyaki burger with lettuce leaves instead of a bun. The crunchiness of the leaves was very good with the slimy sauce+mayo and an additional crunchy chopped vegetable, not sure what that was - maybe burdock slivers or some type of celery-onion hybrid!

    their onion rings were also pretty good (def not low cal) and the kinpira rice burger..


    Ahhhh, yes, Kimpira rice burger is my favorite of all MOS goodies. I wonder if they have it at MOS in BKK.

    We used to stop by at MOS after junior high school so I thought it perhaps came out around that time, but now I looked into MOS corporate website, they were established well back in 1972!

    As of end of May 2008, they have 133 branches in Taiwan, 21 in Singapore, 7 in HongKong, and 3 in Thailand!


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