Birthday and Anniversary Eats

Well seems as its all about weddings and celebrations this week, I thought I'd post our celebratory food

Me and Hock's birthdays, and wedding anniversary all fall with a two week radius of each other

So we celebrate by eating yummy things

Wedding/ Birthday dinner at AOI in Bangkok...for the Kaiseki meal (2000 bht per person, or around $60 USD)


in a private tatami room with views of the queen sirikit park...replete with cool horse bell

Horse bell

And the meal began with a lovely place setting a cute grape/ sake pink iced drink
place mat

Cream cheese tofu, chilled grated sticky potato??? and grilled fish salad
cream cheese etc

masterfully cut sashimi course
sashimi course

wagyu beef


sushi course


grilled fish and daikon
fish and daikon

home made udon nabe
udon nabe

The evening before my birthday Hock also surprised me with a box of Hokkaido uni and Hokkaido scallops


The uni I had last year for my birthday, but the scallops were a new addition this year. They were beautiful dense large scallops that were a bit like juicy seafood steaks
like seafood steaks

unlike other scallops that are often pumped full of water to look plump, hokkaido scallops and just all fleshy sweetness and they crisp up in the pan...a trick not likely with ordinary scallops
crispy scallops

i put the uni on top of the scallops, drizzled it with really good quality olive oil, a little lemon and pepper and then nearly died and went to heaven
scallops and uni and oilve oil

the following morning I was greeted with baked eggs in two different styles, one with chorizo and the other with zucchini and marscapone
baked eggs two ways

Yesterday I spent two hours at the gym, 70 minutes of cardio and 50 mins weights, stretches and sit ups


    Happy birthdaze!!! scallops & uni look divine.
    Here's to true love & seafood heart attacks.


    happy birthdays!

    I so much want to have udon-suki at Aoi, that's something I wanted to have with you the last time I was in BKK but you know was too sick...

    If we go out to eat sushi, uni will be all yours. I have never managed to like it...


    the udon was good. you should definitely go next time you are in BKK. There is an AOI in Paragon and one at Emporium. They close quite early though, 10 pm. So we would probably not have made it that time


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