Thank-you for your patience

Now that a few emails and discussions have taken place and a blog truce has been made the sarcastic kitten has been removed

My god, I'm not getting any work done today

Anyway, the debate on idealism and diet will return in a less obnoxious form in a few days for comment and debate.

I'm truly sorry to the friends and friends of friends which I cause offence to.

I hope that you don't mind if we continue to debate on dietary preference, including veganism at a later date and I promise I will behave myself more and keep my writing to a more civilised tone


happy eating



    That's the second bloody time I've posted something only to have the post disappear. What are you people trying to do to me?


    its cool dude...the seas have calmed and I received your last comment by email

    i just forwarded it back to you

    there will be no more deleting of posts at the current time so comment away without fear or suspicion


    i should add my own apologies for causing a ruckus

    i guess i find internet drama much more amusing when I'm not involved in it....

    Forums and the like, usually make me want to choke on a baby horse

    but since debate, sarcasm and parody all have a place in blog-land, we'll figure out a way to revisit the topic!


    Aw, are those entries gone forever? I thought the combination of debate & drama was great. Firecracker stuff.


    Oh. I just came back from planting rice and it seems like I missed something here... ah well.


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