The art of the Thai rubber band

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If you live in Thailand you will know that one of the chagrins of farang life is trying to undo the Thai-style rubber band on a plastic bag which is packaging for all manner of foods, including noodle soups, sauce and spices...some people master untying it...others like Maytel swear and get out the scissors

"highonthai" raises the rubber band question on a Thai discussion board.

While "ta22" confuses the matter further with a possible answer

i will try to explain it .

is really a simple RUbber band twist and loop of the head .

to understand it you need to understand how it tie in the first place .

what there do is example if you holding the item on your LEFT HAND .

one end of the rubber band is HOOK on your INDEX FINGER .

and then what you do is .. Using the flex of the rubber band you Go ROUND THE top of the package or plastic bag you want .. a few time .. in circle .. when you feel the tension . THE other end of it .. you will Insert it to the LEFT END of the rubber band HOLD by your LEFT HAND INDEX finger ..

after you do so .. what you do is put the end on top of the package or just mount it into the head of the pack .

But then makes up for it in this educational video.


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